The Best Exercises For A Firm Core (with video tutorials)

Getting a firm core is important for many reasons:

  • a solid core (abs) really does help prevent injury from many compound exercises such as deadlifts or squats. Even if you have great back muscles, if you have nothing on ‘the other side’ (i.e. your abs) it isn’t too safe to do things like deadlifts with heavy weights. It is important to work all aspects of your core. The front (abs), side (obliques), back.
  • aesthetics – a 6 pack does look great
  • It helps you look slimmer. No one with abs looks fat…
  • Improves balance

Top Exercises for a firm core…


Although Crunches get a lot of stick, they are a great exercise. Be careful, they can cause spine problems if not done propperly.

Crunches from Webb Fitness & Reconditioning on Vimeo.

The Dragon Flag

This is a killer exercise for your core. If you can do it, make sure to include it in your workout routine.

ABDOMINATION – Exercise: “DRAGON FLAG” – Fitness Video Series from Jeremy Hovan on Vimeo.